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Golden monkey game is created based on a famous Chinese character named Golden monkey. So most of the players of this game are basically fans of Golden monkey character in Chinese writings. Golden monkey game is one of the online casino games that runs on the huge fan base designed by many casino sites like mega888 download. The game is designed with extraordinary graphics and highlights to attract players.

How to play the slot

Gold monkey slot have attractive visuals and audio. The game has mountains and the sky back drop in the background which looks soothing. Slot has five reels and three rows in foreground. Before the player begin the game, he has to activate the play lines which he decided to bet. Then player has to select the bet amount between 0.50 and 250 per each spin. Later click on spin option to start the game. The reels have different symbols on them and the theme of the game is matching those symbols in play line. To win the bet player has to match three or more symbols on the reels or match two symbols and a wild on the selected play line. The bet amount is calculated and gets multiplied based on the winning combinations of the symbols on reels.

Golden monkey slot bonus:

Golden monkey game provides many bonus throughout the slot which gives an added excitement to the game. There is a symbol called wild in the game which is a titular monkey. The wild symbol don’t have it’s own value and it acts as wild card for the game. The wild symbol can stand for any of the icons on the reels to complete matching . Wild symbol cannot stand for scatter symbol in reels. The symbol appears as stacked wild monkey when it lands on 2,3 and 4 reels.

Scatter symbol when landed on the slot it multiplies the total bet amount. If two scatter symbols land on reels then the stake value becomes twice the bet values of the player. If three scatter symbols are landed on the reels then skate value becomes four times the bet amount. If four scatter symbols are landed then stake value become 30 times the bet amount. If five scatter symbols are landed then the stake amount becomes 400 times the bet value. Landing of scatter symbols which are 3,4,5 in number at a times on the reel player gets 10 free spins with monkey warrior icons to achieve big amounts. In bonus round if you land about three scatter icons player gets another 10 free spins.

Tips to win Golden Monkey slot :

As Golden monkey slot is game of chance, winning of the stake mostly depends on the luck factor. The reels spin randomly and the results cannot be predicted. The player doesn’t require any skill to play this Golden monkey slot as the outcome is determined by a Random number generator.

If the player wants to increase his winning possibility, he can follow some strategies and tips.

  • More the stake value, more is the chance to win. So bet the maximum amount.
  • Always attend a demo game before you play with real money to learn the game theme and rules. This reduces the risk of losing a bet.

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