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Most casino games are games of chance where the results of the draw are simply a probability value among the entire possibility. Theoretically, the casino and the players should have the equal chances of winning; But, do you know that the ไฮโลออนไลน์ earn the most money from their players and that the majority of players are losers? What really makes casinos long-term winners and constantly earn their players’ money? The 3 winning factors of the key casino are: the edge of the house, the maximum limit and the psychology factor.

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The edge of the house

The key factor that helps casinos to earn a lot of money is the mathematical formula behind it. The mathematical advantage of the casino enjoys players is known as “The House Edge”. With the advantage of House Edge, the casinos are able to calculate their expected income, the money that the casinos will surely earn from their long -term players. The higher the House Edge value in all casino games, the more money will go to the casino. For example, the ไฮโลออนไลน์ Grand / Small has an edge of the house of 2.78%, which means that in the long term, the casino will earn 2.78% of silver bet on the game Big / Small in Sic Bo . If you play the game with House Edge of 5% against 2.5%, which means that you will lose twice as fast as in the second match.

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The maximum limit

In all casino games, it is very common to have results of 5, 6 or even 10 consecutive results of black or red, high or low, even or uneven; But this does not happen in any casino of the land to have 50 consecutive equal results. If you bet on the red in roulette and the results are black in consecutive races, this will finally turn into red. This means that if you have a sufficient fund to double your bets using the technique ไฮโลออนไลน์ you will finally regret all the money you lose more. You now see why casinos want to set a maximum limit in all games. It is a question of ensuring that martingale techniques do not work, even if you have a sufficient fund to double your bets after each loss. If you apply the Martingale technique, you finally reach the maximum limit of the table and this prevents you from double your bets. The maximum limit is the winning strategy of casinos.This is why they don’t want to leave the table until they lose all their money.

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