Best betting bonuses: how to evaluate them

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As you have seen, some welcome betting bonuses are very tempting. So how do you understand what it can do for you? There are important factors to consider and the first is clearly understanding what type of bettor you are, how often you play and what your budget is fun88.

Once you have answered these questions, then you can consider the main elements of each individual betting bonus: rollover, minimum odds, validity and minimum deposit . In the table above, we have already provided you with this information for each of the first deposit bonuses or first bet bonuses offered by the major bookmakers.

While some figures may be high, you need to understand how easy it is to withdraw them . For novice players, those bonus bets with longer validity, a low rollover (x1) and with a minimum odds between 1.50 and 2.00 will be preferable. Bets with a low minimum odds are, in fact, the simplest ones to play such as 1X2 or double chance. So, before deciding, read carefully whether the terms and conditions required to use and withdraw the bonus are within your reach.


How to get sports betting bonuses

The first aspect to understand about betting bonuses is, very simply, how to get them. For this, the mother of all recommendations is to carefully read the terms and conditions of the offers in question, whether it is a welcome one for new users or a weekly promotion.

We must then distinguish: if the bonus is an offer for new customers, it will first be necessary to open a game account with that operator, send a copy of an identity document and, depending on the promotion, make a first deposit and / or place a bet (with a minimum odds and / or on a specific market).

If we are activating one of the periodic promotions, it will generally be a question of meeting the wagering requirements (minimum odds or amount) or respecting a more or less tight timeframe for placing the bet . In case of cashback, a minimum number of bets will be required to be placed within 7 or 10 days.

With online betting it is easier to play with your head

Going to a betting center means going to a place that mainly has a playful function.

In a place like this it is easy to let yourself be tempted by the desire to bet on one team rather than another following the instinct more than the statistical logic.

Betting online, on the other hand, allows you to remain psychologically in a statistical-scientific mood and to apply your method without any external conditioning.

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