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Human being is the most intellectual and intelligent social animal. Peace is needed to all spheres of life to both living and non living being for holistic development. It is hard to expect physical and mental, intellectual development until inner peace is attained. It is almost impossible to have a meaningful existence in this planet without having peace. Many ideas, models and theories superseded or proved worthy to solve the day to day problems in the contemporary society based on the empirical study. Many people in the globe have been contributing to establish peace through their knowledge by birth or intuition. Some have developed different models of peace through their practices while solving practical problems. Similarly, others have developed peace initiative learning from the society through other’s encouragement.

 About Pushkar Shah and his “Mission for World Peace”:

Mr. Pushkar Shah, an adventurous person and pride of Nepal, hailed from a modest Nepalese farmer family from Makaibari Village Development Committee of Dolakha District, is a very calm and distinct from others, beloved by all and anxious to solve the problem surrounding him through his own initiatives. Many people from his community; even his parents used to be surprised by his ability and talents. This is unlikely something different from the common people. He is a freedom fighter and was gun shot during the first Popular People’s Movement in 1990. His involvement into the movement was highly motivated towards establishing peace, democracy, human rights and freedom of expression and rule of law against the autocratic Panchayat regime in Nepal. But again, he was not satisfied from the changed political context even after the movement, which gradually failed to establish and institutionalize the peaceful environment in Nepal as desired. After the sad demise of his lovely father in 1986, who served in the Indian Gorkha Regiment as a freedom fighter, Pushkar went through all sorts of difficulties. Then he had some deep feelings on how he could overcome with the challenges and at the same time full fill his father’s incomplete dreams and his personal desires, both in common. After many sleepless nights of broken desires, one fine morning Pushkar came with a conclusion. Young Pushkar then in his 20’s thought to have a long journey on a bicycle to spread the message of peace and love with the national flag throughout the entire globe. In history, it was Lord Buddha, who was born in Nepal, had similar thoughts and today in the modern context, it’s Pushkar who is following the trend in a unique and adventurous way. Today, after paddling his bicycle up to more than two hundred twenty one thousand Kilo meters has successfully traveled 150 countries in his 11 years of restless journey. This is a successful history of a man with extraordinary passion and courage with a kind heart for the peaceful coexistence of the entire human race in the 21st century. Like Buddha, Pushklar is not a god but a man with a zeal, compassion, strength and high intellect who always talk about peace, harmony, coexistence and a dream lover of the world peace, a true hero, “The Global Peace Ambassador”. It was November,1998, the Visit Nepal Year when his journey started with the seed money of just Rupee 1 hundred from his mother. The journey never stopped until he completed his world Cycle tour in six continents of the globe. He faced many ups and downs along with life threatening and thrilling experience. He extended peace message from Nepal exchanging national flag wherever he traveled. His second dream was  conquer to the top of the world Mount Everest with the collected flags from Around the world . He successfully attempt on 17 may 2010.


On November 29, 1998 I set out on an 11 year long journey to capture my dream, the dream of riding 221,000-kilometres around the world on my bicycle to spread the message of peace and hope for my country and for the world. This mission is not about material gain or international fame. It's simply about spreading the message of peace. If you see a Nepalese guy panting and puffing on a bicycle with a sticker "I ride therefore I am" please yield and for one second think about how you as an individual can contribute to world peace. This is my tenth year and I have already toured 150 countries and hope to complete the world tour in a total of 11 years. During my tour, I visit schools and clubs in different communities and like to speak about peace, respect for other religions and cultures, living in harmony, respect for human rights and democratic values. I like to meet civic leaders and exchange views. After graduation from college, I worked as a school teacher and participated in the Democracy Movement in Nepal in 1990 . I was arrested and imprisoned many times for my political activism. It had a deep impact on me and I decided to embark on a world tour spreading the message of Peace. I began my journey with only 100 Nepalese Rupees ( One Euro ) given to me by my mother. I have no official sponsor and have thus far been able to pursue my dream through the kindness and generosity of the many strangers who have befriended me along the way. When I began my journey ten years ago, many people did not believe that such a trip was possible and said that I would get no further than India. As of July 2009 I have visited 150 countries in Asia, Asia Pacific, North America, Central America, South America ,Caribbean , African, Middle East and the Europe. I would like to climb Mount Everest in 2010 bringing the national flags of all the countries I will have visited by then to the summit. Please support my journey of peace. Peace is in action, Include all people. If you want to find out where I am currently, please Click at the "Where is Pushkar" section.

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